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8240Y3A  FallTech ElasTech Lanyard

FallTech Suspension Trauma Safety Straps

FallTech 8240Y3 ElasTech Shock Absorbing Lanyard

8260732D FallTech ViewPack Lanyard

FallTech Web Pass-Thru Anchor

FallTech 8209 Adjustable Web Lanyard

FallTech 20' Dyneema Web Contractor SRL

FallTech Contractor Galvanized Cable SRL

FallTech Steel D-ring Extender

FallTech Contractor Leading Edge Galvanized Cable SRL


8247Y3 FallTech Ironman 12ft FreeFall Lanyard

FallTech 8358 Rope Grab And Lanyard Set

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1-16 of 196

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Fall protection. That’s all FallTech does. Staffed with innovative engineers, safety experts, and product developers, FallTech designs at-height fall protection equipment for every industry. Whether you are in construction, welding, tower, etc., FallTech ensures you are protected. They know there are no second chances when it comes to worker safety. That is why FallTech implements the most advance technology and the most comprehensive quality testing on all of their safety products including harnesses, lanyards, retractables, and hardware. With the ABCD's of fall protection at their core, FallTech aims to eliminate any risk of a fall.