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Rock Exotica

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Rock Exotica P41KIT AZTEK Compact System

Rock Exotica P51 Omni-Block Swivel Pulley

Rock Exotica P54 Omni-Block Single Pulley

Rock Exotica P55 Omni-Block Swivel Pulley

Rock Exotica LC1 Enforcer Load Cell

Rock Exotica P53 Omni-Block Swivel Pulley, 2.0

Rock Exotica RP2 PentaPlate

Rock Exotica RockD Twist Lock Aluminum Carabiner

Rock Exotica transPorter Tool Carrier

Rock Exotica P22-B Machined Rescue Pulley

Rock Exotica Akimbo

Rock Exotica P53D Omni-Block Double Swivel Pulley

Rock Exotica P3 Kootenay Ultra Pulley

Rock Exotica P1 PMP2.0 Prusik Minding Pulley

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1-16 of 52

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Like many other great companies, Rock Exotica started out in a convenient but unlikely place for such great innovation. Twenty-five years ago a man, who's real name is Rock, started a company with graph paper and manual production in his mother's garage. Fast forward to today, and the company, although out of a garage, still operates, produces, and manufactures all of the engineering and product in the United States, specifically Utah. Rock Exotica vows to keep their technology, design, construction, and manufacturing in the United States but available to climbers and rescuers all over the globe.